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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

The outbreak of the COVID-19 disease has posed great challenges to the worldwide economy and people’s lives and will have far-reaching consequences beyond the spread of the disease. The pandemic has upended almost every aspect of human life from personal to professional. The current solution 'social isolation' is costly as commerce remains shut. Restarting economies have rekindled the pandemic and caused even worse human suffering. At the same time, a crisis is also a strong driver of creativity and innovation. Prioritizing innovation is the key to post-crisis development, the pandemic presents an opportunity that we, with all our expertise, commitment, resources and experience, feel equipped to pursue.

safety kit

An increase in risk perception makes consumers more willing to pay for safety features, which in turn provides greater incentives to develop and improve technologies that address consumer’s demands for safety. The current pandemic will have long lasting changes in consumer and worker behavior as we are facing a full reset. Many of these changes will become new normal, with people adapting quickly to different ways. The crisis will create significant new opportunities for advancement, it would vary significantly by industry. Health, hygiene, and wellness will remain a top priority. These will, in turn, generate new demand. Seeing the opportunities emerging due to the crisis is one thing and being confident and prepared to seize them is another, we have chosen a promising area presenting new net growth opportunities for us as a nation with respect to the current situation and the uncertainty revolving around it.

From research to manufacturing, our team is pitching in to make the best use of technology. To fight the shortage and to eliminate the imports of special machines, we are engaged in our full capacity with a cheaper cost. Our response is quick on the ground of humanitarian situations keeping a proactive approach. In future as well, our approach will be expeditious based on competition, changing customer needs, threats by environment, and change in technology. We are a group of highly skilled professionals capable of finding ways to reinvent ourselves.

Our focus areas are:

  • bold decisions and technological investments

  • low-cost widespread manufacturing

  • optimum materials and goods handling

  • a more integrated, diverse ,and coordinated supply chain

Our in-house team would continuously work on upgrading products to newer versions to keep a competitive edge with competition if any and to also pose entry barriers to new entrants. We have built the foundation for post-crisis growth in order to remain competitive and relevant while meeting the new customer requirements.

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