How Shoe Sanitizer Machine works?

What is the most ignored ‘unhygienic aspect’ of your entire wardrobe? Let’s admit it, it’s our shoes regardless of how breathable the fabric is or how many times it has been worn. There’s an unhealthy environment that gets created inside shoes resulting in bacteria and fungus followed by odor.

Resorting to a washing machine can not always be convenient and depending upon an antimicrobial interior can only help us for as long until it starts deteriorating, hence in order to come up with a much needed and more reliable alternative solution, we have designed UVC Shoe Sanitizer Machine that uses exclusive UVC irradiation technology to kill all germs, bacteria and viruses on the shoe sole. It is useful for hospitals, hotels, restaurants, offices, educational institutions, public places, etc which have high outsider flow and have fear of bringing dangerous pathogens by floor.

Modern Shoe Sanitizer Machine is the right choice for shoe sanitization needs.

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