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Automatic Sanitizer Dispensers

We have designed this product especially keeping in mind the current situation that is prevailing. The need of the hour to sanitize hands at all times and all places they might have to go to. The idea behind this product is to make it according to the specific needs of a target customer base. For example, we have designed Automatic Hand sanitizer dispenses in 2 sizes of 5litres and 1 Litre. We are in the designing phase to develop dispensers of sizes 2 litres and half litre to further fill the gaps. The sizes are based on the need of separate consumer groups.

Places such as hospitals, Shopping malls, Big Corporate offices, public places, etc witness huge footfalls during the day. So they will be requiring a bigger product to help them use it more efficiently. Whereas the smaller places like small offices, residential complexes etc are best suited to use smaller dispensers as comparative footfall is less. The special features of the product are its customized design, which is specially made to accommodate liquid as well as gel-type sanitizers. It is completely touch less and works on a smart motion sensing technology so that physical contact can be avoided.

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