• Anant Maheshwari

Which Cleaning Products Kill Covid-19?

It has been almost a year since we heard about the first outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many lives were lost along with huge losses in the economy. What makes us more vulnerable and concerned is that even after a year we have been in vain trying to eradicate the virus from our lives. The doctors and experts had advised only one option- to maintain proper hygiene. That seems the last hope for mankind to restrict its attack if not stop completely.

The Coronavirus has been primarily identified as extremely infectious as well as contagious. It has been able to spread its attack to every corner of the world by only traveling through droplets and staying in some objects for a considerable amount of time. The strength of the virus is such that an already recovered person from this disease is getting the infection again and again as the body is unable to properly diagnose it and produce ample antibodies from before. Our immune system seems to be vulnerable to the attack of this virus. And yet the world couldn’t present us with a vaccine although research is been carried in all parts of the world.

What we are left with now is the only course of action that is maintaining proper sanitization. But it is essential that the process of sanitization must be done correctly, thoroughly with care, or the risk of infection remains quite high. Many people all over the world although claims that they maintained proper sanitization, but in reality, they fail to do so due to improper guidance and knowledge. Everyone should be aware of whether I am actually using the right products for cleanliness and how to use it. Here are some useful commands for such awareness for every people from all parts of the world.

1. The first and foremost is the proper choice of masks. What is to be noted is using a handkerchief or just any cloth as a mask is not the proper way to protect us from droplets as the chance of infection remains quite high. The best choice is obviously an N-95 mask which comes with a 5 layers protection mask with full coverage so that droplets do not come in contact with the mouth or the nose.

2. Another most important product is the sanitizer. Every sanitizer from the market is not capable of killing the COVID-19 virus. Only a sanitizer that contains at least 80 % or more alcohol in their composition is capable of killing the virus. Hospitals, offices, and other public places should install automated sanitizer dispersers to minimize contact. In manual dispensers, the nozzles remain infected and any person who used the nozzle and does not properly sanitize his/ her hands is bound to catch the disease.

3. Another misconception is that only water is not capable of killing the Coronavirus. Still today many people eat fruits and other edible products just by washing it in warm or cold water. Coronavirus even retains its full effectiveness in cold and dark places. Hence, it is always the best option to ultrawave the products before using them for a few seconds before getting completely virus free products. The modern’s ultrawave- 20 L can be used for household purposes whereas Modern’s ultrawave- 40 L can be used in offices to make products absolutely germ free.

4. Another important product to kill coronavirus is the shoe sole sterilizer. Offices, schools, hospitals should use it for the purpose of keeping the floors virus-free, or the virus is spread to each and every corner of the building with the help of shoes, in this way the infection becomes more prone. Modern’s offers a range of shoe sole sterilizer which can be used in both offices and homes.

5. With the offices, schools, and colleges reopening one problem that is being faced is being unprotected during eating in canteens or restaurants. The infected droplet can easily come in contact with the nose and mouth when one is not wearing masks while eating. Sanitizing the room thoroughly with air purifiers seems to be the only option at present to deal with such a crisis. Modern’s UVC towers or using Modern’s automated fogging machine seems one way to prevent mass infections.

6. A recent problem that we seem to face is, our electronic devices are malfunctioning due to frequently using alcohol-based sanitizers to sanitize our devices. Although it might help us keep our products germ free yet we are unable to cope with short circuits and damages in our devices due to the use of alcohol sanitizers. Hence, it is always better to sanitize it using some methods which involve moisture. Modern’s ultra wave is another useful dry means to sanitize any electronic device.

The number of COVID-19 cases is rising high significantly. Not every infected person is getting able to admit to the hospital. Many infected persons are being treated at home living with other non-infected persons. It is very essential to carefully and properly sanitize the household with an infected person living in the other room or next door. If proper products and methods are not implemented it can become uncontrollable to treat the virus before the discovery of the vaccine. It is in our hands whether we are restricting the spread by properly sanitizing everything or promoting it for careless reasons. Every induvial should be aware of it.

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