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As the death toll climbed further – in the last 24 hours, India recorded 28,591 fresh cases of Covid infections and 338 fatalities. Although the country witnessed a slight dip by 13% in new Covid-19 cases on Saturday, the total recorded deaths in the past week were around 2,100 – the lowest since the 3rd week of March 2021.

Tracking Covid's daily count, Health Ministry states that the number of active cases has declined to 3.74 lakh while the total number of people who recovered in the past 24 hours stands at 37,687. As per the officials, the total number of people who bounced back from the fatal disease stands at 3,24,47,032. Meanwhile, with 26,854 new ones, the total number of infections stands at 5,210,978.

On the vaccination front, the mark of 700 million has been crossed as of Tuesday. Out of all administered doses so far, a total of 76% were the first doses while the remaining were second shots. Furthermore, night curfews have been ended in Kerala while Rajasthan continues ban on mass gatherings.

In order to curb the spread, government is actively ensuring that there is no shortage of infrastructure in the hospitals. Alongside, we urge all our readers to follow the tightened guidelines, exempt from unnecessary movements, and adhere to the new rules taken to avoid your state from becoming the next hotspot of Covid infections. To further ensure your safety, we are here with our safety and sanitization products. Here’s the link to shop all your safety equipment at one place

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