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The Research States that the Coronavirus Stays on the Phone for 28 Days

As compared to porous surfaces, coronavirus is most likely to stay longer on non- porous and smooth surfaces, including glass. Research states that the coronavirus stays on the phone for 28 days, so it would be best if we would become extra careful and learn how to prevent covid19. It is said that the novel coronavirus can possibly remain over the glass, phone screens, and door handles for a more extended period of time. The experts have stated that the survival rates of the virus plummeted to less than a day at 40 degrees Celsius on certain surfaces. The fact was strengthened as researchers have also told that the virus gets prolonged in colder conditions.

Phone safety

How to keep your mobile and other equipment free from the virus?

Research states that the coronavirus stays on the phone for 28 days, so medical advisories urge people to maintain personal hygiene. Looking at the current scenario, it is vital to clean and disinfect your phone regularly. It would be best if you remembered that you could not use the same soap to wash your hands that you use to clean your face. Recently, Apple stated that their phones could be cleaned using simple disinfectant wipes.

Tips for cleaning and disinfecting your phone in the wake of a covid pandemic:

  • Use Wipes instead of Alcohol- Many people think that it is okay to clean your phone with rubbing alcohol, but you need to know that when you use pure alcohol, it strips out some of the essential coatings that protect your phone from oil and water. However, the mixture of water and alcohol can be created at home easily but still stand a chance of damaging your phone.

  • Avoid Washing your Phone under a Running tap- Though there are several waterproof phones in the market now it is highly advisable to not wash them under running water. Instead, you can use a damp cloth to wipe the phone. Ensure that you dry the ports and speakers entirely.

Phone cleaning
  • Avoid Using Paper Napkins- Even though paper napkins are used for all kinds of cleaning, you shouldn't use them to clean your phone as it might leave some bits and pieces, which enhances the likelihood of scratches on the phone.

Thus these are some tips you can use to keep your phone protected from the covid19 virus. You can also use Modern UVC sterilizer to sanitize your phone and other equipment.

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