• Anant Maheshwari


Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Coronavirus pandemic has been everywhere; you cannot escape from the related news, the fear of contracting virus or the virus itself. But if you see it through a different light- UV light to be specific, you are looking at a sterilization process which is quick and doesn’t require substantial heating. In an attempt to combat the ongoing pandemic and better co-ordinate health security responses, Modern came up with ‘Ultrawave’ which is designed to disinfect or even sterilize food, vegetables along with other daily essentials which may be ingested or can potentially transmit microorganism to your bodies. Although, you can sterilize articles like baby bottles by boiling or immersing in solution, the method is unsuitable for disinfecting certain articles that are liable to heat. Therefore, as an affordable solution to that problem, we are offering a sterilization method that uses Ultraviolet technology and makes the process effective by reducing the time and increasing the usage flexibility.

disinfection box

There are three models – one that has 20L capacity another that has 30L capacity and the last with 40L capacity. All of these are developed keeping in mind the wide spread requirements.

During these challenging times, Ultrawave is a promising solution which we strongly believe will go on becoming a necessary appliance in your household in times to come. Get it NOW

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