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Modern Group starts free 50-oxygen-beds "Gwalior COVID Center" at its facility

Modern Group has started a 50-oxygen-bed FREE quarantine center for COVID patients at its facility at Shyam Vatika, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. The facility "Gwalior COVID Center" has beds equipped with medical grade oxygen concentrators, mobile charging points, hot water kettle, vaporizer, etc. The center provides complete medical care, balanced diet meals, medicines, yoga training and kadha to the patients without taking any amount. There is no fees/cash counter. The center also broadcasts spiritual and religious videos for patients to help the patients recover psychologically.

The facility is an initiative of the promoter of Modern Group Sh R P Maheshwari and the Energy Minister of MP Sh Pradhuman Singh Tomar. It has come at a time when the city is in dire needs of a facility like this for patients who cannot afford home quarantine with oxygen facility.

Focus of the facility is also to cure the psychological aspect of the disease and shall help patients recover faster by following correct diet, proactive medication and positive mindset.

There are 16 female and 34 male beds with adequate doctors and nursing staff. The center would work in tandem with the local government hospitals and would help in reducing their work load by providing alternate facility.

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