Covid-19 MAP: Data, Latest Statistics and Facts Need To Be Told

Covid-19 has continued to spread globally, more vehemently so, after the deadly second wave triggered by the delta variant, resulting in a massive surge in the number of infections. Although, vaccination has assured remarkable reduction in the number of cases by preventing the symptoms of COVID-19 and repressing severe illness, its ability to completely curb the transmission still remain ambiguous.

It is worth noting that certain individuals who were fully vaccinated for at least 21 days, still tested positive for the coronavirus. However, the contagion through these vaccinated people to their family members was almost 50% lower than contagion in homes wherein the first member who tested positive was not vaccinated.

Even as of present, the virus is barely showing any signs of retreat with over a whooping 194 million confirmed COVID-19 cases and nearly 4.1 million deaths around the globe. The countries that have seen the most number of hospitalization cases are the US, India and Brazil. The virus has left very few countries untouched. France, Russia, the United Kingdom and Turkey have seen a continuous rise in the cases followed by the BIG 3.

In order to curb the spread, government is actively ensuring that there is no shortage of infrastructure in the hospitals. Alongside, we urge all our readers to follow the tightened guidelines, exempt from unnecessary movements, and adhere to the new rules taken to avoid your state from becoming the next hotspot of Covid infections. To further ensure your safety, we are here with our safety and sanitization products. Here’s the link to shop all your safety equipment at one place

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