• Anant Maheshwari

10 Tips How Proper Sanitization Can Help Us Fight Against Corona

We had witnessed a severe shock for which even the history was not prepared to write. The recent covid-19 pandemic has devasted the world from its core to the surface and had impacted every sector. Even when we see a silver lining in the improvement of the condition of this pandemic, we cannot be careless enough to invite a second and a third wave for serving mankind. Now when the situation is more stabilized, we must make sure to follow the proper hygienic rules in order to eradicate it forever from our lives.

Covid-19 has been considered a virus that can travel through air and droplets. It has also been found that it has the retention capacity to stay on some objects as long as 28 days. All these discoveries scare our nerves as workplaces, schools, colleges, marketplaces have been reopened despite the fact that the infection is still not under complete control. Since no mediation or vaccine has been approved yet, the only and best way to prevent ourselves from being victimized is useful and proper sanitization.

10-tip guidance on how proper sanitization can help us fight corona is necessary for every individual all over the world and must be added to our daily routine.

1. The foremost being covering your nose and mouth with a face mask preventing it from exposure to unfiltered air and droplets. Also, any covid patient whether submissive or expressive of the symptoms should be too careful of wearing a mask to prevent infecting the air and the individuals surrounding him.

Masks should undergo proper sanitization. The mask should be soaked in a bleaching solution or sanitizing solution for at least 5 minutes. Then the solution must be drained off carefully avoiding any spill anywhere in the room. After that, the mask can be washed with water.

2. Washing and sanitizing our hands at proper intervals and before eating is the only possible way to rule out the coronavirus. Hands should be washed for at least 60 seconds cleaning in between the fingers and if sanitizer is used it should have an alcohol percentage of more than 70%. The best way is to use an automated sanitizer dispenser to avoid touching the nozzle of the bottles.

3. when you are wearing gloves whether to disinfectant a product or avoid any contact with an infected object, it is essential to sanitize the gloves if it’s not a single time usage glove. While still wearing them, the outer surface gloves we washed thoroughly under running water with soaps or sanitizers. The inner surface should be then turned inside out and soaked in soap or sanitizing solution for at least 5 minutes or can be put in an ultra-wave for further sanitization.

4. Shoes are essential to be sanitized with a UVC shoe sole sterilizer whether in-home or office to prevent free entry of the virus along with our shoes.

5. Washing the fruits and vegetables thoroughly and cooking them at the optimum temperature. A homemade meal is the best option available at this moment to avoid being exposed to the virus.

6. It is always best to get wash the clothes immediately after coming home and try to sanitize every object from money to purse to mobile phones. Offices and mass gathering places should use a humidifier fogging machine to ensure the safety of the employees.

7. Before carrying any object to home or offices like car keys, purse, or any shopped products, it will always be better to ultra-wave the objects for 2 mins to make it absolutely germ-free and dry at the same time dry.

8. When it comes to sanitization, the most difficult might seem to sanitize or disinfecting electronic devices as no solution can be used. A single-use alcohol-based disinfectant wipe or mobile sanitizer can be used for the sanitization of electronic devices. For cell phones and earphones, they can just be disinfected through ultra-wave.

9. Offices and schools having opened; the world needs to sterilize every corner of the room. Floors must be wiped at intervals or simply a UV tower can be used to disinfectant contained spaces with lots of visitors.

10. If you are ever to visit any restaurant or public theatres, make sure to sanitize the seats before sitting down.

Mass sanitization cannot be exercised by only manual labor. In a fight between mankind and a virus invisible to the naked eye, we must take technology to fight on our side. With no specific medication for this communicative virus, we must at least resist its further advancement until the advent of the vaccine. While the countries are taking major decisions to recover from their economic and educational injury, it is also the responsibility of every individual to take self-care methodically keeping in mind that since the damage is already is done is too great to recover in a century, we cannot afford any further wave of the pandemic in our lives.

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