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This product sterlizes the shoe sole in 10-30 seconds. 


Useful for hospitals, malls, hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges, corporates, public offices, etc.


Once stepping onto the device shoe sole gets sanitized in 10-30 seconds. This is designed keeping in mind that feet are one of the most vulnerable entry points to our body and the importance of sterilizing the shoe sole which may be exposed to any number of pathogens and bacteria or viruses. By the help of our top-notch UVC Shoe Sanitizers you’re not only preventing the growth of bacteria but it also helps you prevent serious conditions such as fungal infections. During these times of ongoing pandemic, our impressive UVC Sterilizers would be a perfect addition to your closet. GET IT NOW!


Shoe Sanitizer

Footware Sanitizer

UV Shoe Sanitizer

Shoe Sanitizer Machine


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UV Shoe Sanitizer MHP012

27.999,00₹ Precio
24.999,00₹Precio de oferta
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