This equipment is suitable for patients who have SpO2 level till 85%. Beyond this the patients are advised to get admitted. This equipment has found to be successful in fighting COVID with home isolation. 


Rated power:  120W

Oxygen:  separation by pressure swing adsorption

Inhalation:  ear type inhalation

Oxygen concentration:  30%-95%

Oxygen flow:  1-7L/min(adjustable)

Noise:  less than 45 dB

Use of the environment:  0-40

Rated voltage:  AC220V/50Hz

Sate identification:  colorless, no smell, can help to burn

Negative ion:  10 million units

Remote control distance:  3M

Timing function setting:  15 minutes cycle within 2 hours


Price includes shipment by express. Usually shipped by the next working day.

Price includes 12% GST. 


Manufacturer gives 6 months warranty on the product. 


Oxygen Concentrator - MHP018

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  • Manufacturer gives 6 months warranty on the product. Product once sold cannot be returned back. Any transporational damage is not our responsibility.