Covid-19 - a bouquet of opportunities for us

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

As a result of the unprecedented impact caused by deadly contagion COVID-19, the economy has been grinding to a halt resulting in millions of job losses. However, we should also stay receptive to the conception that crises necessitate innovative solutions. These dire straits hold infinite potential for development and creativity, we have listened to the market and equipped ourselves to stretch our brand and cater to the new consumer needs.

The pandemic would enhance public and private spending in the field of sanitization and sterilization by a remarkable extent across the world. We've been proactive in our approach to realizing that mankind needs to push forward, particularly in such conditions of hardships when innovation thrives, especially in the business world. When groundbreaking incidents akin to COVID-19 unfold, there is a shift in perspectives and previously established ideas, notions and norms forge a new path.

Through our venture, we would be integrating inventiveness, aspects of adaptation, and instinct to preserve and protect – all at one place with the intent of catering to the immediate economic aspects of the nation, meanwhile ensuring long term sustainability and relevance of our series of products. Currently, India has minimal investments and manufacturing related to these products and most of the products are imported from the US, China, Korea, and other European countries. This, as we reckon, would be one of the most flourishing industries in times to come.

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